West Rouge Tennis Club
Adult Doubles House League is for Novice to Expert players and you could end up playing with any combination of abilities. This is
good for developing less experienced players, so Expert players please be cognisant of the abilities of those you are playing with
and against.

Our Adult Doubles House Leagues are organized in two separate sessions, Spring and Summer.  The Spring session begins in
early May to mid-July. The Summer session runs from mid-July to mid-September.  Play is for one hour each, from 7 pm to 10 pm,
on two week nights.  Monday evening Ladies Doubles is at 7 and 8 pm while Mens Doubles at 8 pm and 9 pm ending at 10 pm.  
Wednesday evenings, Mixed Doubles start at 7 pm and end at 10 pm.  

If you are not sure about your availability to play regularly throughout the session, why not share a spot with another member for
the cost of one.  

Your Executive Committee wishes to draw your attention to three rules that will enhance the House League experience.  

One.  Any player scheduled to play and who arrives after the official start time may only request that the replacement player
(assigned to play by the House League convener)  relinquish the position. The decision to agree to relinquish the position rests
solely with the replacement player.

Two.  If a house league player cannot attend a match, that person is responsible for arranging a substitute player in a timely
manner. We will provide a list of available substitutes or you may ask a regular player who is on the court before or after you to
take your place. It is not fair to the other players if you fail to arrange for a substitute player.

Three.  Any player who misses three games without having found a substitute player will be moved to the Spares list. House
League fees will not be reimbursed.

To minimise disruptions to play, please arrive at the courts at least
5 minutes prior to your hour of play.

House League Schedules:  These are found on the House League Schedules page in the Members area of this website.
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